FIT India Movement

JDKPS celebrates "Fit India School Week"

  • In accordance with "Fit India Movement" launched by the Honourable Prime Minister, aimed to encourage people to inculcate physical activity and sports in everyday life, the school celebrated "Fit India School Week" from 18.11.2019 to 23.11.2019.
  • On the first day of this week, yoga was practised by all to help all them achieve a peaceful body and mind. There were several activities and games also for fitness of students and staff of the school.
  • In the morning assembly on the second day, free hands exercises, to help manage stress and anxiety, were taken by all. There was a lecture by renowned counselor for the students and their parents. Also, a debate competition on the related theme was also held for the senior classes.
  • Day 3 saw students attempting a questionnaire for assessing themselves through KHELO INDIA App. And another highlight of the day was the Poster Making Competition for all students on the theme "Fit Body-Fit Mind-Fit Environment".
  • On Day 4 a plethora of activities like aerobics, dance, yoga, martial arts, rope skipping, and gardening etc - was organized in the school for all the students.
  • On the day 4, an Essay Writing Competition on the theme "Fit India School" was also held for all.
  • An Interkul Sports Quiz was the main event on Day 5.The quiz had 5 rounds in all and it ended with the students' active participation.
  • Finally, on day 6 of the week was a lot of fun for everybody - the students, staff and parents took part in various games and activities proposed for celebration.
  • Everyone participated actively and enthusiastically in the celebration of 'Fit India Movement', that filled all with energy and positivity.