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Academic Curriculum

We maintain an unwavering commitment to academic excellence and holistic development of our students. By providing the right academic inputs and an effective developmental environment, we make the journey of the child from the first hesitant steps till graduation enjoyable, enlightening and memorable. Our graduate is thus an academically well - equipped and mature youngster ready to excel in the next phase of education in specific fields and life.


Learning is Exploring, Experimenting and Responding! This is the next rung of the ladder. There is a buzz of excitement and activity in the air. Following the latest pedagogical trends, the Thematic Inter-disciplinary approach has been adopted at this level. The curriculum encourages children to explore their interests, as they move concentrically from the known to the unknown. There is a lot scope for creativity, self expression, development of social skills and team work.

The curriculum addresses the uniqueness of each child and provides exposure beyond the academic. Mime, dance, music and field trips - sports and a range of hobby interests add new dimensions to the growth of the child.

Maximum growth for each learner is the professed motto at this level!


Social interaction coupled with taking responsibility - Moving in the direction of Self Discipline. The Middle School, Grades 4 to 7, challenges the learners with a broader curriculum; It lays the foundation for the High School Academic program. Study skills are honed, concepts taught are thoroughly grounded - group work and interaction with classmates cater to growing social awareness.

Resourcefulness and commitment to work are encouraged. Induction into the House system helps them to learn loyalty, and espirit de corps. Use of the well stacked library for project work, enhances habits of self study. The spectrum of extra curricular activities gives scope for talents to surface in Dramatics, Music, Art, Dancing, Games and Sports. Each student's talent is channelised in a range of hobby clubs. Field trips and excursions are organized.

Tests and examinations now become a part of the assessment methodology and parents are kept appraised of the child's academic progress and are provided a frequent opportunity to interact with teachers to assess the development.

Maximum growth for each learner is the professed motto at this level!


Self confidence, Independence, Leadership, Social Awareness.
The Secondary Grades - 8 to 10 are a veritable bee hive of activity. Quality education - the best possible- is provided, taking into consideration individual needs and aspirations. Suitably high demands are placed on the learners, with a view to stimulate high achievement. Each learner receives personal attention and guidance.
Students' work is monitored on a day to day basis, through class work, home work and projects. Comprehension of course materials is tested, unit - wise and through mid term tests and semester end examinations. Progress reports and parent teacher meetings are a regular part of this program. Extra curricular activities form an integral part of the curriculum.

Students actively participate in planning and organization of school celebrations and competitions and are encouraged to test their skills at the Inter School competitions. Classroom activities such as Elocutions, Debates, Skit presentation, Wordsmith, Creating and presenting advertisements enhance the students' skills and constant practice hones them The School cabinet provides a valuable training ground for leadership.

Personality grooming is ensured through workshops on Life Skills, Value Education, Vocational Counseling and Counseling for teenage problems. Regular counseling sessions, in partnership with different groups help in bringing about a sea change in the attitudes of the students. Workshops on Career Counseling provide the requisite clarity and guidance to our future engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs. Resource persons with necessary expertise conduct these programs. Every attempt is made to ensure that our students leave the sheltered portals of JDKPS as self assured focused citizens.