CBSE Affiliation No. 530100 School Code : 40091
0130-2200116, 0130-2200118, 9992333760

School Assembly

The school conducts Assembly seperately for classes IV & V and for classes VI - XII on all school working days during which due importance is laid on the Gayatri Mantra Recitation, Shanti Path, prayers, mass P.T., opportunity to read news, speech, talk on moral and spiritual values and thought of the day by Kul in turn. Every teacher is assigned responsibility of elaborating the thought on Thursday Queing Adhyay for 3-4 minutes. The Principal addresses the students and makes them aware through her educative, informative and value - oriented talks emphasizing on the personality development through self competition and strong will power weekly and on Special days. Spiritual Teachers are also invited time to time to inculcate the values and etiquettes in the students during these sessions.