CBSE Affiliation No. 530100 School Code : 40091
Jr. Wing : 0130-2200116 Sr. Wing : 0130-2200118

Incentive Scheme

  • Students who excel (class wise) in each internal assessment (trimester) at the top positions are awarded with certificate of excellence. These students must have maintained minimum 90% marks in each subject.
  • Outstanding students at the top 20 positions (classwise) who excel in aggregate results as well as 'A' grade in all co scholastic activities & assessment (work, education, performing art & PHE) keeping due consideration of discipline, uniform, attendance, behavior, value & sincerity, are awarded with certificate of excellence and are acknowledged during result declaration days at the end of the session.
  • Top position holders of X Board Examination are awarded with awards/scholarship/cash prize as per the Trust decision (Minimum 90% Marks). Since 2016-17, students have been awarded with Rs. 12000/- cheque of they continue studies in school.
  • Best in English communication (3 students from each class) are awarded with Diamond/ Gold/ Silver cards/ badges to the best orators of the class per trimester.
  • Best performance in sports area at school/District/State/ National/International Level are also awarded with medals, trophies and certificates of excellence Outstanding sports stars participants at state or above level in sports are awarded during annual day / Prize giving day with cash / special prizes.
  • Best performance in outside school activities at District / State / National International level are given due recognition along with prizes during Annual Programme.
  • Kul wise best performance are appreciated & students of top 3 positions are awarded with certificates of excellence in ECA for individual performances and top one position only for team performance. Individual performances are awarded with trophy for respective event.
  • To motivate and encourage the outstanding students of the school who appear in the C.B.S.E. examinations and those who excel in the field of sports and extra - curricular activities at the National level, the incentives of a cash reward of Rs. 1000/- per month to the students is given who score 90% and above marks and Rs. 11000/- to students is given who score the highest marks in the district. Moreover class XII passed out students are also encouraged by providing cash prize of Rs. 5100/- for the immediate session or Rs. 2100/- for session before if they clear prestigious NDA/ IIT JEE/ NEET / AFMC enhance with flying colours. This is a way to make our children more competent in all the fields.We boost up the morale of the children.