CBSE Affiliation No. 530100 School Code : 40091
0130-2200116, 0130-2200118, 9992333760

Criteria For Admission

Class I to Class III

Admission for class I onwards are considered on the basis of seats vacant for students. For above mentioned classes, there is a written test based on basic learning outcomes syllabus of previous class only in the month of March.


You can help your ward to prepare for the school in the following ways:
  • Provide opportunities for him/her to be away from you for reasonably long periods of time, then saying goodbye to mother on the first day of the school will not be such a difficult task.
  • Give him/her opportunity to play and mix up with other children of his/her age so that he/she will have no fear on entering into playgroups at school.
  • Give him/her the proper toilet training so that he/she can take care of himself/herself without wetting his/her clothes.
  • Encourage him/her to put on and to take off his/her clothes, Shoes etc. and wash his/her hands without wetting his/her clothes.
  • Teach him/her to put things after use at places where they belong.
  • Speak clearly to him/her. Do not use "baby talk". It is important that your child has correct speech habits before he is taught to read.
  • Instruct him/her to the proper conduct with strangers, quests and other children. Tell and impress on him talk in low voice and control his/her tempers.
  • Teach him/her the proper order of eating lunch, fruit etc. Instruct him/her not to drop bits around and the place clean after taking his/her lunch. The home routine and exercises are as important as those taught at the school.
  • Instruct him/her where he/she should go in your absence if the school is suddenly closed in an emergency.
  • The child at this tender age has his/her physical and sensorial limitations. He/she has the need to understand relations and make associations of all that he/she finds at his/her home, neighbourhood and surroundings.