CBSE Affiliation No. 530100 School Code : 40091
0130-2200116, 0130-2200118, 9992333760

Apart From Curriculum


The school conducts the assembly in the foyer on all working days. The daily feature of the assembly carries a theme such as Headmistress talk, Children’s talk, Teachers’ talk, pledge, fun with beats & aerobics etc. Due emphasis is laid on moral and spiritual values. The children recite shlokas, bhajans and patriotic songs. Meditation is the signicant part of the school assembly.

Headmistress addresses the students and makes them aware through her educative, informative and value oriented views emphasizing on the personality development. The teachers give their talk to help the students grow morally, spiritually and to inculcate the values and sanskars in them eectively and naturally.


Trips form an integral part of outdoor training . All the classes from P.P.I. to class III are taken to various places in the cities, and nearby places. Students learn to interact with the society and nature.


The school organizes summer camp during the vacation. The teachers plan various personality development programmes & skill based hobby classes for children . Night stay adventure camp is organized during winter in which various adventurous activities help children to gain condence and determination.


Children enjoy reading storybooks and various other informative books. Various extra curricular activities and competitions are organized in the school which provide a platform to explore the potentials of the children. Some of such activities are mentioned here:

Literary Activities Aesthetic Activities Outdoor Activities
Hindi Recitation Solo Dance Sprint Race
Hindi Declamation Patriotic Song Obstacle Race
Writing Competition Camlin Colour Contest Football
G.K. Quiz Best Out Of Waste Kho-Kho
Grand Master Quiz Tickle Your Brain Musical Chair
English Recitation Fancy Dress Badminton
English Declamation Paper Folding Cricket
Write Better Competition Colouring Under Trace Line Handball
Maths Ability