CBSE Affiliation No. 530100 School Code : 40091
0130-2200116, 0130-2200118, 9992333760

Charter of Excellence

JDKPian Charter of Excellence...

  • Combining the art of learning with access to the best global pedagogies, excellence in education with a transparent commitment to equality for all, extreme technology and above all uniqueness of the teacher-parent bond of JDKPS experience will hopefully set the foundation strong enough in contemporary India.
  • We the JDKPians, give to ourselves the charter of Excellence in Education, social service and Advancement of Human Values with a commitment.
  • We, the JDKPians, work to give meaningful and wholesome expression to the vision of JDKPS.
  • We, the JDKPians, work for excellence in education, altruistic service of humanity, enhancement of human values and dignity of all human beings.
  • We, the JDKPians, pursue scientific thinking, rational social structures imbued with the principle of equal respect and opportunity to all.
  • We, the JDKPians, secure access to quality education to all and promote the best use of skills for common good of the world in the spirit of creating global citizens rooted in respect for enlightened national aspirations and unique cultural identity.
  • We, the JDKPians, promote discipline and sportsmanship through our sports endeavours.
  • To conclude, the school prepares the students to meet the challenges of the emerging scientific and technological society having faith and pride in their culture heritage.

Strong Academic (Scholastic) Structure of JDKPS

Significant Aspects :

  • Integration of NCF 2005 & updated remodelled Evaluation Scheme of CBSE.
  • Each subject of every class is monitored by I/C Blocks, HOD's, Co-ordinator & the principal. Every faculty head hold its meeting monthly to keep the co-ordination and systematic completion of the curriculum organised for the session.
  • Annual curriculum plan (ACP) is conveyed to the parents & students through academic calender and syllabus distribution along with marking distribution for various tests/exams.
  • Students are encouraged to participate regularly for prestigious exams like NSTSE, STSE, SOF & MATHS Olympiads etc. time to time.
  • Subject teachers are trained to adopt advanced methods of teaching as well as to upgrade their teaching abilities through training in school and various workshops out of the school.
  • Feedback after every text/exam is conveyed to the parents through PTMs. We work for more than 220 days a year.
  • Excellent results are the outcomes of strong academic plan throughout.